PianoByEar Terms & Conditions
These terms and conditions outline what policies are with regard to cancelled lessons, missed lessons, lessons location, payments and refunds. 

  • Lesson means:

  • A 60 minute piano lesson in my teaching space in Kirribilli, Glebe or Caringbah.
  • Lessons in other locations (your home or office for example) or longer than 60 minutes may incur extra cost.
  • 1st Free introductory Lesson offer is subject to these terms and conditions and excludes any other offer.


  • Lessons are scheduled during the entire year.
  • The school term according to the NSW school calendar has no impact on PianoByYear calendar.
  • Lessons which fall on a national or NSW public holiday will not take place, and they will not be charged.

Timetabling and Location

  • Lessons are subject to my availability, including 1st free introductory lesson offer.
  • Lessons must be on weekly basis at the same time slot and at the same location.
  • Changes in time can be attempted but are not guaranteed.
  • Changes in location may incur extra cost.

Please choose a time for your lesson carefully as I can't guarantee make-up lessons.


  • Lessons can be paid in cash on the day.
  • Alternatively, a monthly payment invoice can be issued for bank transfer. In this case, all lessons within a calendar month must be paid prior to the first lesson of the month.
  • The 10X 60m min lessons package have to be paid in full prior to the 1st lesson. Payment methods are cash or bank transfer.

Break down and refund policy for the 10X 60 min Lessons Package Deal

The Package Deal comprises 9 paid lessons (1st to 9th) and one bonus free lesson (10th). The 10th free lesson will be forfeited if the student doesn't attend the first 9 paid lessons. For new students using the package deal, the first lesson is paid but it is considered a trial lesson which means a cooling-off period applies after the first lesson and expire once the student engages on the second lesson. If the student wishes not to continue before engaging on the second lesson, the remaining 8 paid lessons will be refunded in full and the 10th free lesson will be forfeited.

For new students using the package deal who elect to continue after the first lesson, and for continuing students, payments received are regarded as a commitment to lessons and I do not provide refunds.

If the student decides to discontinue the piano lessons before the 9th paid lesson of the package, the 10th free lesson will be forfeited.

Regardless of payment method, type of learning lessons (Package Deal or monthly payments), or any other variable circumstance, refunds can only be made via bank transfer and to the original payee. No exceptions.

Missed lessons and make-up lessons

Lessons at the Kirribilli Neighbourhood Centre require a 3 working day cancellation note in writing - text or email or a $25 dollar fee will be charged.
Lessons at other locations missed or cancelled by the student are forfeited. If you let me know at least 72 hours in advance,  I may be able to reschedule the lesson at a mutually convenient time, but I do not guarantee that this will be successful.

Any pre-paid lessons that are missed by me will be refunded in full.

Contacting me

Feel free to contact me via email, or by phone between 9am and 8pm to discuss any issues or concerns. Please leave a message if I am unable to take your call. I aim to respond to emails and return calls by the next business day.