I'm Marco Ricciardi. I'm Originally from Rio de Janeiro and I call Sydney home for over 15 years now.

I developed my own piano teaching method. It all started when I was going through the grinder of traditional, rigid classical training. Two things didn't make sense to me:

1. Why am I playing music I don't like instead of playing what I would like to play? I don't want to be a concert pianist. I want to play in a band and write my own music.

2. Why can't it be fun? Why is this so stressful, rigid and teachers are borderline cranky?

So I thought, there's got to be a better way. Well, there is. My method is based on chord charts, ear training and music theory to help you understand how music works. I don't use sheet music. I don't apply exams and every program is tailored to what YOU would like to achieve.

So, If you're after traditional, conservatory-style lessons, a classical repertoire and climbing the grades and exams ladder, I might not be the best teacher for you. But if you're looking for something different with more fun and less pressure, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.

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