Hi, I'm Marco
I'm a Sydney based piano teacher and I developed my own piano teaching method.
Although I have formal musical education, my method is very different from your everyday conservatory-style piano tuition. I teach by ear…no sheet music, no sight reading, no exams. If you want to learn cool things like jazz, blues, pop or song writing, improvisation, harmonisation, chords and If you want to learn fast and in a fun environment, I’m the right teacher for you.  
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Learn how to

√ Play and understand chords
√ Figure out how to play your favourite songs just by listening to them
√ Understand the structure behind your favourite songs
√ Improvise melodies and chords
√ Write your very own songs
√ Play successfully with other musicians
"Very often people ask me if you need a special talent to playing piano by ear. It's not like that. It's only a matter of using the right techniques.
I've successfully taught hundreds of people how to play piano by ear".

Marco Ricciardi

Wise words...