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Grow your brain

This is an exerpt of a great article written by Diane Cole and published by the National Geographic:

Your Aging Brain Will Be in Better Shape If You've Taken Music Lessons

..."You Can Start Now 

It's not

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Solid left

All my students have heard over and over again: You must have a solid left hand. A solid left hand is like having amazing drum and bass section in a band. It's like having a brilliant conductor in a orchestra…Read more

You can't read music? Great!

Music is my voice so to me, playing melodies off a music sheet is like talking to people off a script. I can do it but no, thanks! I'd rather pick my own words.
Stay creative

Jazz, Blues and improvisation

A student asked me the other day what is the secret behind playing jazz, blues and improvising.
And the secret is...NOT really a secret as every single musician who is a master in these 3 areas will tell you the…Read more

It's not work, It just is

From George Conrad Leonard's Facebook Page

"Mr. Leonard (10 October 1898 – 19 April 2003) was a British composer and pianist. He was born in South Norwood.

Leonard served in the Middlesex Regiment during the First World War; he left

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